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{Why You Must Visit California’s One of a Kind Fairytale Beach}

· Laguna Beach, California ·

June 7, 2017 3 Comments

Hidden away in an almost secluded area of Laguna Beach, California is a gem well worth finding.

Victoria Beach lived up to it’s reputation and did not disappoint!

The landscapes and views were stunning to say the least, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Of course the highlight of the beach is the 60 foot pirate tower that nestles up against the hill along the waters edge.

Truly something right out of a fairytale book.

The tower is said to have been built back in 1926 by William E. Brown, a senator from Los Angeles, to serve as a direct access to the beach.

While the true story behind the tower is not as enchanting as one could hope and imagine, that did not make our experience any less magical and fun.

Such an incredible location for a tower.

Keeping an eye on those big waves.

Seagulls putting on a show up above.

My little beach coordinated crew…

Most whimsical beach I ever visited.

Keeping busy in the sand.

My favorite little travelers…

The only brave one to go out on the rocks, ha!

Fun at the beach.

Wave watching.

In order to get close to the Pirate Tower you must cross through a little patch of water…

We love visiting places that are unique and that are not tourist filled.

This beach checked off both marks for us.

While it’s a little tricky to find (read our suggestions to make this part easier) that is exactly what makes it much more appealing and amazing.

After speaking to a few friends who grew up in Laguna Beach, none of them had even heard of this beach.

So it seems, this has been a wonderfully well kept secret from even the locals!

Happily enjoying the beach.

Building a sand castle.

What a view to take in.

Flying high.

Exploring some more.

Catch me if you can!

Dipping their feet in the ocean…

My sassy girls…

Beautiful beach.

Working hard to build their castle.

My little models…

Time to test out the water…

Carefully dipping their toes in.

A game of running back up the beach before the next wave hits.

The waves came up unpredictably high on more than one occasion…

I would certainly recommend being extremely cautious.

Such a blast nonetheless!

Suggestions for visiting Victoria Beach:


-The trickiest part of visiting this one-of-a-kind beach is finding it. The beach access is located next to 2713 Victoria Dr Laguna Beach. You will see a sign to the right of the property next to a staircase leading down. Drive slowly and look for it carefully because it’s easy to miss. We didn’t see it the first time and had to turn around and try to find it again.

-There is no official parking lot so just find a spot on the street to park. Be curious and respectful to those who live in the surrounding homes. I cannot imagine having strangers come and park in front of my home everyday around the clock, so keep that in mind and be kind.

-The second hardest part was carrying all of our stuff up and down the stairs to and from beach. Be aware of this and pack minimally to avoid having to make trips.

-Victoria Beach is not necessarily a kid friendly beach as far as the water conditions and currents go. The swell was very unpredictable and dangerous so I would not recommend this beach for swimming, especially for little ones. There is no lifeguard on hand. We only allowed our kiddos to dip their feet with us watching attentively since the waves were inconsistent, and on many occasions, they came in very strong. We visited knowing this and made sure to bring plenty of beach toys instead.

-You can walk next to the tower if the tide is low. When we visited the tide was not high but the waves were coming in strong and were very unpredictable so we opted to go without the kids. My husband and I made a run in-between waves and crossed over without getting soaked.

-There are no bathrooms or shops nearby so bring snacks and a Portable Potty if you think your kids will need it and are planning on being there for a few hours.


While there are many beach options and choices in the amazing Californian coast, I must say Victoria Beach offers a truly unique experience.

From exploring the deserted pirate tower, to playing in the sand and dipping our feet in the water, it was a perfect kick off to our summer break.

If I can reiterate something it would be to be careful with the swell and keep a very close eye on your kiddos.

That being said its still an incredible place to enjoy as a family and we highly recommend visiting.

Be sure to leave a comment with any other input that we might have missed in our article.

Check out our video bellow from our day at the beach and for more adventures in California visit here.

Thank you and happy travels!

Xoxo – Bel

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    June 14, 2017

    Dear Bel,
    What a fantastic family experience!! The video, photos and the outfits exceed expectations!!
    Good job my dear friend!!

    • Reply


      June 15, 2017

      Thanks Teresa! So glad you liked it and enjoyed it. Such a beautiful little gem it’s definitely worth visiting ❤️

  2. Reply


    January 12, 2019

    I tend to like secluded beaches more, my boyfriend thinks it a little odd but i want to be able to enjoy my time in the sun. Just imagine living there and going for a morning run and being all by yourself! No chances of that ever happening on Santa Monica Beach #touristmagnet