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{How to Visit Seychelles Most Beautiful Beach}

· Anse Source d'Argent ·

September 13, 2018 1 Comments

A short boat ride from Seychelles Mahe Island will transport you to one of the world’s most remote and pristine paradise’s.

It is not surprising Seychelles golden beach of Anse Source D’Argent has been voted as the most Most Beautiful Beach in the World!

In order to reach this majestic location we hired a private boat that took us from the main island of Mahe to La Digue.

The relaxing boat ride between islands took about an hour.

Upon arriving to La Digue, we had a choose to walk, ride bikes, or take a short taxi ride to the L’Union Estate, which houses the Anse Source D’Argent beach.

Our choice for the day was an easy one, we opted to ride bikes.

Our youngest could not ride her own bike but we were happy they had options for infant seats attached to adult bikes.

We thought it would be a more memorable experience for our family to ride together and be able to stop and enjoy sites along the way.

Before we entered the plantation we paid a small entrance fee in addition to the fee for the National Park (they only take cash).

As we rode through it we had the opportunity to see giant sea turtles and explore the plantation itself.

To be honest we were not completely impressed with the surroundings so we quickly made our way towards the beach.

Just making our way closer to the water and seeing the giant boulders pop up in the distance made our excitement grow.

What unique landscape for a beach.

We parked our bikes in a specific area only to find it was saturated with many more bikes.

It because very clear the beach was packed and we were definitely not the only ones trying to get a glimpse of this popular location.

We walked along a windy and sandy path through impressive boulder that where as tall as a house.

Within a few minutes we caught an eye of the beach itself and let me tell you, the scenery was jaw droopingly amazing!

I could only pinch myself in awe of this tropical little piece of heaven.

Every angle was a photographers dream and a family wonderland.

In spite of it being packed there was plenty of distance between other tourist and we felt like we had the place to ourselves.

The water was warm and inviting, but my favorite part was a barrier reef in place far out from the beach that kept the water at a constant and safe height (about 3 feet deep).

This was such an unexpected  delight as our kiddos could safely waddle in the water without having to worry that they would go out too far or that waves would drag them down.

On top of that, there were plenty of fish swimming around us and we could snorkel around in the safety of the reef.

We chose to park ourselves in a few different spots along the beach so as to enjoy multiple areas and take on different views.

Every spot and perspective of the different areas of the beach was equally magical and unique.

The tropical lush green against the massive boulders was something impressive and memorable.

I can definitely see why this beach is quite the gem and why it continues to be voted as the best in the world.


Here are a couple of tips to consider before visiting this dreamy beach in Seychelles:


-Bring cash to pay for the bike rentals, entrance fees, souvenirs or snacks.

-Be sure to take plenty of water as the weather can be warm/humid making the bike ride a little more of a struggle ( the bikes have carrier baskets to put your items while you ride)

-There is a market and a few ATM’s along the path to the beach if you do need snacks or water

-If your kids aren’t good on bikes, or you struggle, you may want to consider walking or attempting to get a taxi as cars come and go at times along the road.

-Bring lost of sunscreen or choose to sit in shady areas at the beach

-There are vendors along at the beach so you can always get cold drinks or souvenirs there

-To get the bests spots or to have the beach to yourself, you may consider arriving early as it can fill up quickly, especially during busy season (we arrived around 10 am and it was packed, that being said we still had a great time)

-Use a waterproof phone case to capture photos bellow and over the water. We don’t travel anywhere without our favorite case which also keeps our phones protected from the sand.

-If you are a beach person, make sure to plan some extra time, as this is one you don’t want to rush through!

-Hire a private boat from the marina if your budget allows so as to be more flexible with your schedule and time. Also it makes is possible stop to see other islands and even snorkel along the way (we paid around $600 for a full day private boat rental).

-Do not waste too much time at the Plantation, spend that time exploring the beach instead

-Bring water shoes, while the beach is beautiful once you enter the water there were many rocks and reef remnants that didn’t feel good to step on. Here are some of our favorite water-shoes that are also perfect for hiking/bike-riding here, here and here.

-Bring your own towel as you will need it to sit on the beach or dry off after. Carrying a regular sized towel can get bulky specially if you need to pack a few of them, so for a lightweight microfiber towel instead such as this one.

-If you can’t swim or are afraid of the ocean crashing waves, this is the beach for you. It was like sitting in a swallow warm pool, only better.


We all had a great time visiting this fun and spectacularly landscaped beach.

I was particularly surprised and impressed by how family friendly this beach was, specially when it came to the water safety.

For that reason, I would definitely recommend this as a top choice for families with kids of any age.

Thank you for reading and feel free to check out our Free Africa Itinerary including our time in Seychelles here.


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    January 10, 2019

    We’re currently stuck between Seychelles and Mauritius for our honeymoon, we just can’t decide! We have 2 weeks just for ourselves and luckily the budget is no issue. What do you recommend for the first two weeks of May?