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{A Family Adventure Down Big Sur}

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May 9, 2017 6 Comments

One of the most well known and recognized scenic drives in the world is the Big Sur located along California’s HWY 1.

It’s a must do for anyone who is a fan of coastal views and enjoys a scenic drive.  I particularly find landscape involving never ending deep blue seas that meet the earth through rugged rock formations, very appealing and beautiful.

Needless to say, I was very excited to experience this part of the world for myself.

In a recent weekend trip to California, our family decided to devote one day and set off on a adventure down Big Sur.

Within minutes of reaching the coast we couldn’t help but pull over for the start of a number of majestic views along the way.

Our awe and excitement grew deeper as we made our way down this remarkable scenic coast.

After a few hours, which included stopping at every corner to snap a photo (my fault!), my husband made it clear that if were going to see all that I had planned for the day, we needed to cut down on the stops.

One of our first coastal views.

Feeling the Star Wars theme while exploring the coast, ha!

A beautiful ocean trail.

The traveling crew.

Bixby Bridge.

One incredible backdrop!

In awe of this grand coast.

Pfeiffer Beach…

Two arched rock peaking out to the ocean.

It was surprisingly cold and windy

Flying sand in the remote beach.

Made it to Keyhole Rock!

Lunch with a view at the Cafe Kevah.

Two little travelers keeping busy while we waited for our food.

Enjoying the weather and scenery.

Taking a peak.

McWay Falls…

A heart formation outlining the falls.

One of our favorite stops of the day.

The fall spilling into the beach.

Another wonderful view at McKay Falls.

A little explorer happy to be out of the car.

Ended our drive back in Carmel at Pebble Beach.

Where we observed the Lone Cypress…

After five hours of driving from Carmel to McWay Waterfall (37 miles), I realized we had underestimated the time needed to fully appreciate this great landmark.

I secretly wished we had more time to take in more sights along the way, but quickly realized that even though the kiddos were doing great, more time in the car than originally planned would probably be a challenge for them.

In the years of traveling the world as a family, we have learned that the reward of spending time together and making cherished memories with our children far exceeds any sacrifices we make while on the road.

In the end our adventures proved to be a success and our day exploring Big Sur was one we will always remember.

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  1. Reply


    May 9, 2017

    Wow so so beautiful, thanks for that wonderful inspiration, Bel

    • Reply


      May 9, 2017

      Thank your dear! So glad you enjoyed the post. It was a wonderful and picturesque adventure for sure 🙂

  2. Reply


    May 10, 2017

    So beautiful! One day we’ll have to go back on a none cloudy day and enjoy those majestic views!

    • Reply


      May 10, 2017

      Yes you guys will really enjoy it, quite the stunning scenery for sure. Xoxo!

  3. Reply


    May 10, 2017

    Every true lover of nature make the same mistake as you do Bel. Misjudging the weather and time and always regret why day does not have at least 36 hours

    • Reply


      May 10, 2017

      Haha!Glad to know I am not the only one who needs the day to be longer, specially when were are having fun 😉 Thanks so much!