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{A Day Trip to Shoshone Falls with Toddlers}

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May 25, 2018 3 Comments

A few years ago we had the opportunity to take a quick road trip north to visit the iconic Shoshone Falls in Idaho.

It’s known as the Niagara Falls of the West and it certainly did not disappoint.

As Utah residents (who at the time only had two small children) we were looking for a quick one-day adventure from home.

This straight forward drive definitely fit the bill. It took us around 3 hrs from Salt Lake City (one way), a doable distance for busy little feet and hands.

We made a few stops along the way to stretch out our legs.

After a quick stop in Perrine Bridge, soaring above the Snake River with stunning and impressive landscape views, we finally reached the falls.

Such an incredible sight with an intense rush of water. The kids were thrilled to spot a rainbow bellow as if the fall itself gracefully welcomed us.

Once we admired the grandness of the waterfall and little minds with short attention spans were done, we drove up to the top part of the Falls where one can enjoy a nice refreshing swim.

When you live far from the ocean and rivers, lakes and sandy areas become your friend.

On this occasion we fully embraced our “pretend day” at the beach including building sand castles and splashing in the shallows.

A day filled with simple joyous moments in company of our littles ones.  It was nothing fancy, yet perfect for a memorable day together as a family.

Here are a few suggestions for road trips with little ones:

-Plan on making a few stops along the way. Be sure to find a interesting places to see as you are mapping out your trip.

-Bring toys and snacks to keep them entertained – these are some good options for different ages here, here and here.

-If they are great sleepers in the car plan your drive around their nap time. If not, then be sure to have them nap before your drive. Here are some great head support pillows to consider if they are planning to sleep in the car: here and here.

-Bring their comfort item such as a blankie or stuffed animal.

-If they are old enough to play with electrics bring an iPad or have them play or watch their favorite cartoons/movies (more options here, here and here)

-When it all fails, have them sing some of their favorite songs with you or spot different objects outside the window as you drive.


In the end, it was fascinating to see the two contrasting sides of Shoshone Falls (intense and majestic while the other relaxing and fun).

Since it’s not everyday you can safely swim at the top of a major waterfall, this turned out to be a far more thrilling experience then we had expected – definitely couldn’t do that at Niagara Falls; )

For more adventures through out the USA you can visit our travel map.


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    Amanda Patsey

    July 2, 2018

    Wow that water fall is pretty awesome, and very unique compared to most waterfalls. I just had to look up where this was because I had never heard about it before. Very cool!

    • Reply


      July 2, 2018

      It’s definitely not a well knowing waterfall as others but worth checking out if you get the chance. I appreciate your kind words Amanda, many thanks – xoxo!

  2. Reply


    July 28, 2019

    Looks awesome. Did it look wheelchair accessible?