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{Chile’s Unexpected Sand Dune Oasis}

November 29, 2018 2 Comments

When we chose to visit the Valparaiso area of Chile, we didn’t expect to find an amazing sandy oasis just a short drive away.

The Dunas de Concon sit just outside the city, and are composed of overflowing sand dunes sitting peacefully against a spectacular ocean backdrop.

The hike up and around the dunes is challenging, as they are fairly steep, and even proved to be a great cardio workout.

However, once you get to the top, the views are breathtakingly worth it and oh so picturesque!

As you look out it appears as if the city is nestled in the sand.

Not a moment too soon, we saw a lot of the local kids carrying boards up the dunes, and we enjoyed watching them slide down the hill.

My husband who had been eager to try this fun pastime for quite some time, quickly found where they were being rented (read our suggestions bellow to get more info about board rentals) and as quickly as we could we found ourselves making our way down in style.

Well, not really.

The first couple times we went down the hill, we didn’t move at all.

It was a little frustrating, but after talking to another tourist, we quickly found out they forgot to give us the wax for the board!

Thankfully our fellow sand boarder lent us his wax, and then we were off to the races.

The board ended up going much faster than expected which made for a really fun time out.

We felt like kids as we got so excited over something so simple, yet fully entertaining.


Suggestions for visiting the Dunas de Concon in Chile:


-This is a great location for a day trip from Santiago Chile. We rented a car and drove ourselves for 1.5 hours to Valparaiso and ended the day at this gorgeous spot.

-We parked at a little shopping center across the dunes as there is no official parking area.

-You can rent the boards at the bottom of the sand dunes (across form the shopping mall where we parked) in an official spot by a local couple. They have the board sitting against the fence and they take cash only.

-As mentioned above, a word of caution for sand boarding is to use wax to put at the bottom of the board. We didn’t know, and failed to slide until we applied it to the bottom of the board. Make sure when you rent it they give you a little stick of wax to apply.

-Wear shoes that you can remove easily as we found that climbing up the sand was much harder wearing our shoes.

-Also avoid wearing a skirt. Luckily for me it was a little cold outside, so I had been wearing leggings under my dress all day, and didn’t have to worry about falling and showing too much when we were sand boarding.

-Even if you are not interested in sand boarding, its perfect location to sit and relax. We saw plenty of locals come up and stay for what they say is the perfect sport for a magical sunset.


Whether you choose just to visit for the gorgeous view, or take on the adventure of surfing down the sand, the Dunas de Concon are definitely a fun spot place everyone can enjoy.

If you find yourself in Chile’s coastal area make the trek, we highly recommend it!

To see more of our fun travels in Chile visit here and check out a fun short video of us gliding down the dunes here.


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    January 8, 2019

    Wow, some of these pics look like they were taken in Dubai, I had no clue you could find sand dunes in Chile! We’re thinking of visiting our close friends in Argentina this summer so Chile could be a great destination to hit next.

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      January 8, 2019

      We certainly did not expect to find such a fun sandy oasis in Chile either. It would be a great pit-stop on the way to Argentina and a definite must see while there. Many thanks Avery!