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December 27, 2017 6 Comments

Ever since I can remember Athens Greece has been a place at the top of my travel list. I always dreamed of what it would be like to visit this iconic city and walk amongst the impressive ruins of Acropolis.

However, when my husband had a work trip and mentioned we could stop there along the way,  I found myself second-guessing and felt very hesitant about joining him. Why would anyone with a wanderlust drive such as myself not jump at the opportunity to visit Athens? Well, that would be because I was 26 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child. At this point I was very close to the cutoff for being able to travel internationally, and the whole idea overwhelmed me. Long flights just didn’t seem like an appealing thought for my very pregnant achy body and my swollen feet didn’t want to endure all the walking I knew we would do while exploring the city. After much debating and realizing this would be the last trip our family of 4 would take, I agreed and off we went.

The day we planned to visit Acropolis happened to also be a cold and stormy one. At first, we were a bit disappointed as it seemed far from ideal, nevertheless we quickly realized that it would also mean fewer crowds which was a big plus.  As we climbed up the hill to Acropolis I actually began to feel grateful for the cold weather, as I could not imagine how much more challenging the climb would have been on a busy hot summer day. The world seemed to slow down once we reached the top. I definitely had a few pinch me kinda moments as we saw the well preserved and impressive ruins first hand.  Wow – truly a sight full of detail, beauty and history. We made our way, at a calm pace, exploring every corner so as to take in the many fantastic views of the city. Even the weather cooperated as the rain ceased for the period of time we were up there and only began to downpour once we reached the bottom of the hill at the end. Truly an exceptional day and experience!

While traveling pregnant was not all peachy, for me it was a great experience which proved to be incredibly well worth it. As a word of advice for anyone considering to travel internationally while pregnant, I would strongly recommend speaking to your doctor first. Secondly, be sure to take precautions during the long flights against blood clots by wearing compression socks, drinking lots of water and getting up every hour to walk. Also be sure to pack snacks at all times for when hunger strikes suddenly.  I was happy with my decision to travel so far from home while being further along in my pregnancy, but of course it’s a personal decision that has to be carefully weighed out and made individually.


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    December 29, 2017

    Ooh, I am so glad you decided to go and it turned out great. I have never been in Athens or Greece only a few greek islands. And since I am european I just have to see this. Thank you for a great article!

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      December 29, 2017

      Thanks Sarah! Yes it’s definitely a must do specially of you live within a short flying distance. I would recommend not going in the summer time just because of the heat/crowds but I am sure you will enjoy it no matter what. Best of luck sweetie – xoxo 💗

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    December 31, 2017

    I love your photos, Bel, and I am so happy for you that everything worked out and you got to see the Acropolis just as you wanted! It is a dream destination for sure!

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      January 1, 2018

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment Dhara. I too am glad it all worked out in the end and I took the risk. Cheers my dear 🙂

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    January 7, 2018

    I am so happy to hear your day worked out well despite the weather and everything else! And your photos are so clean and beautiful! We are hoping to take our kids to Greece next fall; I specifically planned for this time because I want to avoid the heat and the crowds!

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      January 8, 2018

      Thank you for your kind words Jeuelle. I think you have planned well in trying avoid the crowds and heat of summer. It was a great place to explore with kiddos and you will have have an amazing time. Safe travels!