{Storybook Scenery on Our Hike to Old Man’s Cave}

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April 29, 2017 2 Comments

A few hours outside of Columbus Ohio lay a lush green wonderland that resonates beauty and peace. Hocking Hills State Park contains many picturesque trails that make for relaxing strolls, and help one seamlessly escape away from everyday city life. This is where our wanderlust led us in order to explore Old Man’s Cave. It’s a lovely hike with lots of interesting things to do and explore along the day. As I encountered the many tunnels, rock walls, bridges, lovely waterfalls and streams, I felt like I was walking through scenery right out of a whimsical storybook.  As I took it all in, I felt a deep sense of calmness and admiration for the powerful, yet soft, hand Mother Nature has for creating such incredible scenery.




  1. Joanna

    May 2, 2017

    What a beautiful place to visit!

    • Bel

      May 2, 2017

      It was truly magical and a wonderful secluded oasis! Thanks – Xoxo ♥️

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