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{Discover Seattle’s Most Quirky Attraction – FREMONT TROLL}

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March 20, 2018 1 Comments

Visiting Seattle’s Fremont Troll felt more like a quirky experience out of a fictional storybook as opposed to a sightseeing landmark.

However, after visiting some of Seattle’s iconic stops in one of our past trips, we were looking forward to experiencing and exploring other unique locations this time around.

We decided to make a quick stop to see this one of a kind attraction on our way to Lake Union (see our post here).

The Fremont Troll was definitely not the happy and friendly troll that our kiddos had imagined before we arrived.

It even took our little girl a minute to warm up to it and be comfortable taking a photo next it.

But once she got over some of the initial hesitations, it was all fun and games while there.

Our son on the other hand, was climbing all over it and even sticking his arm inside the trolls nose as soon as we got there.

I am not sure what inspired someone to build such a sculpture under a bridge, but it was certainly strikingly grand and unique.

I for one thought it was super fun and a brilliant idea.

It’s not every day you can take a photo with something that looks more like it came out a movie set then a city attraction.

As we travel, we often look for places that are unique and photo worthy, this definitely fit the bill.

In the end, making a quick stop to see the Fremont Troll was fun and well worth it.

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    January 11, 2019

    My kids would go berserk for this, it looks so cool! I just googled it and found this “In 1990, the Fremont Arts Council launched an art competition whose partial goal was to rehabilitate the area under the bridge, which was becoming a dumping ground and haven for drug dealers. The piece, built later that same year, won the competition.” Talk about making the most of what you have, this was such a clever idea!