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December 12, 2017 2 Comments

While on a trip through Europe, my husband and I had a day to spare.  We stumbled across Luxembourg and decided to make a quick stop. This is a small country that is easily missed and overlooked by it’s far more popular neighbors like France and Germany.  I personally had never heard much about this country and knew very little until we decided to visit. Though there are beautiful sights to see throughout the country, Luxembourg City was the place we chose to spend our day exploring. I was worried a single day would not be nearly enough time to see everything on our list, however it proved to be just the right amount. The old part of Luxembourg city was compact enough for us to walk to the different points of interest in a short amount of time. Here’s a list of the things we recommend doing on a quick stop in Luxembourg:

Strolling through old town – I am such a sucker for European charm, and walking through the old part of town certainly did not disappoint. Lovely cobblestone streets surrounded by quaint homes made for a relaxing and picturesque walk. I suggest grabbing a gelato along the way and losing yourself while finding hidden gems.

Explore the city walls – Another great place to lose yourself and take in a bit of history is the city wall. There are not many opportunities to walk inside massive walls full of mazes leading to different passageways, stairs, dungeons and even rooms containing old canons. The excitment of exploring and finding our way out was only half the thrill. As we entered and exited different rooms we found gorgeous views of the lower part of the city all around. We really enjoyed this experience.

Town Plaza – Our hotel was located at the center of the old part of town. There was such a lively and fun atmosphere in the plaza including restraurants, shops and even live bands playing throughout the day. We were happy to walk out of our hotel, and within a few feet, find a variety of foods we could savor while enjoying the music playing near by.

The Balcony – Luxembourg is known for having the world’s most beautiful balcony! That is quite the statement but luckily for us, it really lived up to its reputation. The views from above certainly had us in awe and amazed. We sat for a while taking in all the small details visible from up there. There was also no shortage for photo ops, truly stunning views!

Shopping – As I had mentioned before, there were plenty of shops surrounding the Town Plaza. From clothing, shoes, accessories, flowers to streets performers, lots of things to suit anybody’s wants and needs. As we arrived I realized we had forgotten our much needed tripod! Fortunately, we made our way to a camera equipment store and bought one. We also found many of the streets lined with gorgeous floating umbrellas, that not only provided some shade, but made for a lovely sight.

Explore the Lower City – After taking in the views from the Balcony we made our way down to see the lower part of the city. We found it to be incredibly charming and pretty. To our surprise, few tourists seemed to make their way down there. Even the locals seemed to appear few and far between, making us feel like we were the only ones and allowing us to take it all in more fully.

City Park – Past the bustling sounds of traffic and the vibrant atmosphere of old town, we found a lovely park that allowed us to get back in touch with nature. The pathways were beautifully laid out, and the park perfectly kept. We grabbed a few snacks and enjoyed the quiet of the moment. It had been a wonderful day full of exploration, and this was the perfect ending to it.

I found this wonderful  city to be an underrated hidden gem in Europe. If you find yourself with a day or two to spare, be sure to stop by and enjoy it. We can only hope to return one day and see more of it, including the city’s outskirt areas which are sure to be equally as beautiful.

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December 23, 2017


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    Sharee @ Inspire Family Travel

    December 15, 2017

    Europe has so many charming cities! Luxembourg City sounds & looks beautiful. Great share!

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      December 15, 2017

      I couldn’t agree more, it seems like everywhere you turn there is a charming sight to admire. Luxembourg was definitely no exception. Thanks so much Sharee 💜