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{Is Lake Louise Worth Visiting?}

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August 5, 2018 2 Comments

After checking into the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel, we were immediately blown away by the stunning views from our room.

As quickly as we could, we made our way out to the water to take in the fullness of Lake Louise.

Talk about a dramatic landscape!

A concentrated turquoise water lake, surrounded by an uprising cliff which contained a giant glacier on top.

Truly wow!

As we stared at this magnificent sight, we felt immediately relaxed.

There is always such peace and calm that can only be found in nature and Banff was no exception.

Even while we sat for dinner in the hotel we could enjoy lovely views that our kids kept insisting looked more like a painting then real life.

Absolutely stunning.

Canoeing through the lake in the morning light was one of the highlights of our time in Lake Louise.

As we floated through the crystal blue water, surrounded by pristine landscape, in company of my favorite traveling crew – it was truly a cherished moment I will forever remember.

There was such a sweet and fun excitement to be canoeing together for the first time.

Our kids loved it.

My favorite part was the pure serenity as we glided through the water surrounded by nothing else but the sounds of nature.

As we rowed through the water in peace nothing else mattered.

No schedules, activities or gadgets existed just our little family enjoying the great outdoors to the max.

What a sight it was to observe the fall colors of the season all around, making it the best time to visit in my opinion.

The peace and serenity we found in Lake Louise was exactly what we needed as a family.

It proved to be a perfect  place to relax, bond and enjoy the magic of nature.

So if you are still wondering if Lake Louise was worth visiting? I would have to say most definitely yes!

You can find more of our travels through Banff National Park here.

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    August 21, 2018

    Love this post! It was very informative and perfect for when traveling with small ones. Definitely made me excited to visit this beautiful Lake. Thank you!

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      August 21, 2018

      You guys will absolutely love it! So excited for you to experience this beautiful part of the world – thanks so much babe 🙂



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