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{Exploring the Kid Friendly Section of the Great Wall}

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April 24, 2017 2 Comments 1 Photos

Within an hour drive from downtown Beijing, one can arrive at the most kid friendly section of the Great Wall of China!

Mutianyu was definitely the right choice for us to take the little ones to see this amazing World Wonder.

We chose this location because it offers a gondola ride to ascend to a section of the wall and a toboggan to descend from the wall once you are done.

We knew our children, as well as ourselves, would enjoy these fun activities.

It was certainly an added bonus to taking in the wonderful views of the wall itself.

The heat of the day was a little intense as we went during the summer months.

Coupled with the heavy humidity, we were grateful the section of the Great Wall was for the most part downhill!

It also helped to have plenty of water, an umbrella, and the aid of our driver in assisting with the little one in the stroller at the time.

The walk on the Wall took a little over an hour before we finally reached the exit for the toboggan ride.

Ready for the adventure to begin.

Gondola ride ascending to the wall.

So glad we were walking downhill and not uphill!!

Making our way down the Great Wall.

Our cute fashionista taking a little rest.

In awe of our surroundings.

Taking a picture with a new friend.

Little feet walking on the wall while our guide helped push the stroller.

Enjoying the scenery.

We took advantage of every tower and took refuge from the sun.

Walking on the wall, stroller and all.

My favorite tower, so picturesque.

Continuing our downward trek.

Looking back we wouldn’t have taken a stroller, but it was the only place our son would nap.

At least he seemed to sleep well.

So glad our guide was so willing to help us out.

Excited for our ride down the Great Wall!

Enjoying the ride.

Finally caught up with the people before us..

Not far from the base of the wall was a great little restaurant our driver suggested called The Schoolhouse.  

There was a good variety of food, kids menu’s they could color on, a nice outdoor environment one could cool off in and clean working restrooms; the perfect place after enduring the heat of the day.

What a truly epic experience it was to visit this remarkable landmark!

The icing on the cake was definitely the added activities which made our day that much more fun and memorable.

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    Evelyn Strelen

    April 27, 2017

    Great adventure Bel, didn’t know that there are Gondolas up to the great wall. Its always worth a thinking if with or without stroller in that age, but I know how important sleep is in that age 🙂 and luckily the guide helped you out.
    So gorgeous that landscape around the great wall. And beautiful pictures. Wow

    • Reply


      April 27, 2017

      The gondolas and toboggan are definitely unexpected but a delightful treat to find! After a hot day of walking it was great to descend the Wall in such a fun and effortless way. The stroller is not something I would do again but it worked out since we had extra help. Thanks – Xoxo!



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