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{25 Images to inspire – Ruins of Jerash}

· Jordan ·

May 2, 2018 0 Comments

The Ruins of Jerash stand as a witness of how vast the mighty Roman Empire once used to be.

We spent a few hours climbing and exploring without inhibition (except for the huge centipedes that lived in the brush).

This allowed our kiddos to get their wiggles out, while the “grown-ups” took on the sights and history of this ancient city.

Below are some of our favorite images captured while there.

Such fascinating details and so incredibly well preserved.

It was impressive to see firsthand the contrast between the ruins and the ever so classical buildings that make up the city Jerash.

Two very different worlds side by side, made the whole experience much more interesting and exciting.


Suggestions for visiting the Ruins of Jerash:

-Parking near the ruins is limited so keep that in mind if you are driving there on your own.

-We would definitely recommend staying within the walking paths and not wandering through the brush found inside the ruins. There are huge centipedes lurking everywhere!

-For tickets and entrance to the ruins go through the mall next door.

-Give yourself around 2 hours to fully take in the ruins and take as many photos as you deem fit along the way.  Many fun photographic moments all around.

-This is a great stop for kids. They can run, climb and get their energy out while exploring the structures.


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