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{Experiencing the Culture at Istanbul’s Blue Mosque}

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July 2, 2017 0 Comments

When doing research into visiting Istanbul, I consistently came across visitors raving about how they fell in love with the city’s historic charm.

It was hard to wrap my head around it at that time, but once I saw ruins in every corner, grand mosques on every side surrounded by European architecture I could understand.

There are 20 million people packed into this incredible city, yet it didn’t feel overwhelmingly busy or crowded.

Maybe it’s the fact that we came during low tourist season in the winter months.

Nevertheless, it was a huge blessing for me as I was 26 weeks pregnant at that time and everything felt like a heavier task.

Our hotel the DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Old Town was conveniently situated in front of a tram station.

That proved to be an ideal location to explore the city’s main landmarks, one being the Blue Mosque.

Train stop right in front of our hotel.

Walking past the Hagia Sophia Museum on the way to the Blue Mosque.

The streets were clean and tourist free.

Its name derived from the blue color reflected off the ceiling.

As one of Istanbul’s most valued religious sites, standing tall with grand architectural details and historic relevance, it commanded our full attention.

There were rules and regulations we were careful to follow during our visit, which included my daughter and I covering our heads to show our respect.

The excitement and jet-lag took their toll on our little toddler.

Entering the Mosque we were very impressed by all the beautiful ceilings and hanging lights.

The time we spent at the mosque offered a valuable opportunity to experience the culture and customs of this wonderful city. Such a priceless and memorable day!


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